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fell free
u can do what u want fellows :) just ask me what u want,any time as long as i'am free.. :) just join here and enjoy.
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Code Lyoko - The New Class (RP)

Code Lyoko: The New Class (RP) – Created by rizeup88 {-Rules-} 1. Absolutely no sexual references/innuendo of any kind 2. No swearing (After all this show is rated G) 3. No Godmoding 4. Creator (me) will oversee and facilitate entire RP, as well as the storyline and concepts used 5. All must be kind to each other, (no ignoring or hateful attitudes) 6. Limited to two custom characters only in RP (unless you are one of the original characters and wish to also be a custom character as well) 7. Try your best to remain in character 8.This RP can go on for as long as you want, if there is anyone at any point that wants to stop and finish it off, please let me know, and I will try to work in a “series finale” The point of this is to almost create a spin-off series to the original “Code Lyoko” 9. Have fun {-Plotline-} Takes place after the series finale of Code Lyoko. It’s been three years since the supercomputer was shut down by the original Lyoko warriors and all has been peaceful since in Kadic. Now the original gang is nearing the end of their education. Yumi and William are graduating, and the others are now about to become seniors. At the same time, a new class arrives at Kadic. However, students have begun to spread rumors about the factory that houses the supercomputer being a haunted factory. Unfortunately, one student gets up enough nerve to check out the factory and accidentally reactivates the supercomputer. To make matters worse, he types in a random code that reactivates XANA as well. With XANA reactivated, and the former Lyoko warriors now in high school, who will put a stop to XANA’s tyranny? Note: Here are some situations to note throughout the RP: 1. XANA possesses the student who reactivated him, and XANA now has the ability to inhibit the mind of a human, without anyone knowing he’s present. 2. Four new students will be introduced as the new Lyoko warriors, but the story will call upon former Lyoko warriors as well. 3. There is a new principal at Kadic Academy named Dr. William D. Franz as Mr. Jean-Pierre Delmas has been transferred out of the district. 4. At the present time, the former Lyoko gang consists of Yumi, Ulrich, Odd, Jeremie, Aelita, William, Sissi, and now Samantha Knight who was Odd’s love interest and has now transferred to their high school (Note: both Sissi and Sam have been briefed on Lyoko and were put in the scanners to be immune from any future return trips to the past). 5. As XANA must double as a student at Kadic as well, he also will use the student he has possession of to fight on Lyoko as well. Here is how the story will play out: 1. A bus arrives and brings the new students to Kadic Academy, (three of which will become future Lyoko warriors: Curtis Billancourte, Oliver DuMonde, and Eric Marseilles, while one, Kellen Durant will becomes a drone of XANA). 2. All students will have a chance to socialize (in which Curtis and Oliver will meet Eric and become friends) and see the new principal, Dr. William Franz in a public address. 3. Amid the rumors of the factory, Kellen Durant will break away and try to discover the truth. 4. The student reactivates Lyoko and XANA and becomes XANA’s new slave. 5. Curtis, Oliver, and Eric will meet a second year student at Kadic, a girl named Maya Balentien who will become a new friend, thus forming what will be the new Lyoko warriors. 6. In a coincidental return, Aelita Stones reappears as Kadic’s technology teacher’s assistant and establishes a student/instructor relationship with Curtis. 7. As the afternoon grows dark over Kadic, Maya convinces Curtis and the others to come check out the “haunted factory” nearby the campus. It is this which sends Kellen off to be virtualized into Lyoko, ready to fight them if they come to Lyoko. 8. The new gang works their way around the factory and happens upon the elevator leading down to the supercomputer. They eventually find it, and Curtis discovers a book containing all of Jeremie Belpois’s old info regarding virtualization. 9. Suddenly, the gang hears the scanners down below grinding away and decide to check it out. With that, the gang will finally be virtualized as the new Lyoko warriors under the direction of Curtis. 10. As this is happening, XANA’s pulsations elevate and Aelita can sense that he has returned, which could only mean the supercomputer is active again. She rushes off to find out what’s going on. 11. The gang appears to be okay as Curtis successfully sends them to Lyoko in one piece. 12. Aelita returns to the factory to discover Curtis on the supercomputer and explains the danger behind Lyoko and the history it has. Her talking is cut off as XANA sends out a full force to fight the new warriors, including a masked fighter (Kellen Durant under disguise to protect his identity). 13. With the new gang unable to fight yet, Aelita rushes to Lyoko and is virtualized for the first time in three years. She then directs them on how to fight. This reveals new weapons and gives them the ability to fight XANA. 14. The Lyoko warriors win the battle barely, and the masked warrior disappears in a shroud of smoke (Kellen will later reappear when the gang leaves). 15. Since the gang held their own on Lyoko, Aelita decides they will become the new Lyoko warriors, with her help of course (since Aelita is the only one who can deactivate towers). All the gang in this case, are scanned and become immune from return trips to the past and reconvene at Kadic to learn more from Aelita about Lyoko. As they head off to bed, Aelita notifies Jeremie and the former warriors that XANA is back, but that they now have extra help in the matter. 16. The rest of the story flows much like the original series, and when it comes time or if anyone wishes to end, a series finale plot will be instituted. Here is the info on the characters/secondary characters featured: Main (custom) characters: -Curtis Billancourt (Lyoko warrior): A bit of a tech nerd like Jeremy, but a little more social. Also is a accomplished piano player and overall student. Dreams of one day working in the field of music-producing technology. Has a student/instructor relationship with Aelita Stones, but nothing more. Lyoko duties: Managing and operating supercomputer (will travel to Lyoko at least once in RP, weapons TBD). -Oliver DuMonde (Lyoko warrior): Music is life to him, primarily on the guitar. He lives for a good concert, but knows how to apply himself to studying as much as reading music. Has a sort of grunge look among students at Kadic, and doesn’t have much of a way with the ladies like Eric. Primary abilities on Lyoko: Can create seismic activity on Lyoko with use of hands in form of punching the ground or launching a seismic wave at monsters to make them explode from inside out (Name of attack: Shockwave). Also has ability of ESP (Psychic visions). -Eric Marseilles (Lyoko warrior): The jock of the gang. Lives for a good game of basketball, in fact he plays for Kadic’s newly formed traveling team. He is often the one who lacks a little in the academics department, but always manages to get by enough to fleece the teachers and his coach. Being a jock, he knows how to get the ladies attention, but has only one love interest, Kadic newspaper reporter Tamiya Diop. Primary abilities on Lyoko: Can call upon a double-bladed staff that can create thunder and lightning by simply saying either “thunder” or “lightning” (Name of weapon: Thunder Lance). Also has ability of force field. -Maya Balentien (Lyoko warrior): The second oldest of the group. Originally, she hails from the U.S. but it is her family’s culture from Mexico that she embraces more. She is more vocal than others, but is still learning much about life in another country. She is also gifted in tae-jistu and is a skilled archer from her younger years. Has a bit of a crush on Eric, but cannot get him to recognize her in that way. Primary abilities on Lyoko: Arrows that act as grenades when shot from her bow (Name of weapon: Power Bow). Also has ability of teleportation (super-flash) -Kellen Durant (Slave to XANA, student at Kadic): Kellen is a lot more quiet among most students at Kadic. While he is one of the most intelligent, his social skills are quite inept, except a few students who he knows from years past. He is also at a bit of competition with Curtis in academics, often thought of as living in his shadow. His interests include being on his computer, talking with his friends, and serving as a drone to an evil, maniacal computer virus named XANA. Primary ability on Lyoko: “XANAfied” sword much like William’s from the original series. Also has ability of mind-control and can vanish in cloud of smoke (super smoke). Original characters: -Aelita Schaeffer-Stones (original Lyoko warrior): Original member of Lyoko warriors, former inhabitant of Lyoko. Daughter of Waldo Franz Schaeffer, the original creator of Lyoko and XANA. Not only did her father create XANA, but he also destroyed XANA via Jeremie Belpois’s multi-agent program powered by his own life force. She is a little more soft-spoken than most and is the more naïve member of both Lyoko gangs. She currently serves as the assistant to the director of technology at Kadic Academy and is currently dating Jeremie Belpois. Primary abilities on Lyoko: Creates balls of energy that destroy monsters on contact (Name of power: Energy Field). Also has ability of matter creation and flight. -Jeremie Belpois (original Lyoko warrior): Discovered the supercomputer upon arrival at Kadic years ago while searching for robot components. Reactivated it by accident, and met Aelita through it. He is more the bookish type and revels himself in academics. Is not quite as social as the others, but is a true leader at heart. He has also been dating Aelita since they shut down the supercomputer. Although he does not travel to Lyoko, he mans the supercomputer and keeps an eye on things in the factory. -Yumi Ishiyama (original Lyoko warrior): Originally from Japan, Yumi came to study at Kadic after her father got a job nearby in the city. Yumi is a little more aggressive and strict with how she lives her life, primarily around school and her bouts on Lyoko. Yumi dresses mostly in black and is deep-rooted in her Japanese heritage, but still has a vibrant personality at heart. She is currently a junior in high school and is dating Ulrich Stern. Primary abilities on Lyoko: Can launch spinning fans that double as spinning blades that can destroy XANA’s creatures. Also has ability of telekinesis. -Ulrich Stern (original Lyoko warrior): Ulrich is thought of more as the fighter of the group. On Lyoko, he lives to fight against XANA, but on Earth he struggles to pass his classes. Ulrich is into “pen-tchak-silat” a different form of martial arts that he uses to improve his ability to fight on Lyoko. He is also a fan of soccer and nightly escapades with his beloved Yumi. Although he and Yumi are a year apart, this doesn’t stop him from expressing his love for her in his own way. Primary abilities on Lyoko: Wields two digital swords used for fighting XANA. Also has ability of creating copies of himself (triplication) and super sprinting. -Odd Della Robbia (original Lyoko warrior): The jokester and ladies-man of the group. Odd is a little more self-confident of the things he does and generally slacks off in classes, well except lunch. He is dubbed by the gang as the “bottomless pit” on account of his insatiable appetite. Odd is a fan of music, a trait he shares in common with his girlfriend Samantha Knight. He also carries around with him his best friend in the world, his beloved dog “Kiwi.” Primary abilities on Lyoko: Laser arrows he shoots from his wrist. Also has ability of shield creation. Secondary characters: -William Dunbar (secondary Lyoko warrior/former slave to XANA): Also a self-confident individual, William is the kind who doesn’t know how to take no for an answer. Unfortunately, that’s what cost him when he became possessed by XANA on his first trip to Lyoko, and nearly destroyed it in the process. Once he was finally released from XANA’s control, he no longer went to Lyoko, and promised he would learn to develop a more humble personality. Since then, he is a junior in high school and is currently dating Sissi Delmas who has now known the truth since. Primary abilities on Lyoko: Giant sword resembling a Japanese zanbato, which can also launch energy waves that can destroy multiple creatures. Also has ability of invisibility which can be used to create stealth attacks. -Elisabeth “Sissi” Delmas (friend of the Lyoko warriors/William’s girlfriend): Before leaving for high school, Sissi was always thought of as the spoiled brat of Kadic, treating others around her like inferior people. Of course around the Lyoko warriors, it didn’t help that she would constantly try to uncover the secret of Lyoko. Since the supercomputer was shut down, Sissi became a close friend of the gang and was eventually told about Lyoko. Seeing that she took it well, the gang decided if the supercomputer was ever activated again, she would become a new Lyoko warrior. Primary abilities on Lyoko: TBD -Samantha Knight (friend of the Lyoko warriors/Odd’s girlfriend): Before transferring permanently to the Kadic district, Samantha, often referred to as “Sam” came and went around the campus and only made trips up to see Odd Della Robbia. Since then, she has become fully enrolled at Odd’s high school and is now his girlfriend. Sam has a playful attitude and is a fan of both music and skateboarding, giving off the image of a “skateboard punk” in a way. She too, had also been informed on Lyoko and was told she too would become a Lyoko warrior if it became absolutely necessary. Primary abilities on Lyoko: TBD -Jacob “Jake” Romande (cousin of Sissi Delmas): Jake is much like his cousin Sissi from the original series, however he is often respected for his self-confidence and cocky attitude by most of the students, but not by the new gang, or the teachers. He thinks of himself as the “top dog” because his uncle use to be the principal and he is from the better half of the Delmas family. While he appears to like this sort of life, deep down he doesn’t and wishes he could be looked at as a real person, not as an object of phony admiration, if only some would give him a chance to show that side of him. -Dr. William D. Franz (principal of Kadic Academy): New to the scene at Kadic, Dr. Franz is the former principal at a top-notch boarding school in Germany. After finishing his doctorate at a high ranking psychology school, he decided to take on the role as principal of Kadic. Not known to others, Dr. Franz also has heard rumors about the supercomputer and is secretly on a quest to find out about it. In his spare time, Franz like to ski and run in the outdoors, taking in all of nature. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On a quick note, I would like to let anyone who wants to be a part of this RP know, that I will be playing both Curtis and Kellen as my two CC's. As for the rest of you, have fun with your choices and let me know ASAP so I can pencil down your character choice. Thanks, and let's have fun. _________________ "Prayer is the voice of faith," - William Van Horne rizeup88 Konger Posts: 8 Carthage Points: 0 You As A Lyoko Warrior Name: Age: Experience: (0/0)
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